5 Tips for Boosting Employee Morale

Posted by Matt Schwartz on Mon, Apr 19, 2021 @ 09:04 AM


The success of any small business could depend on how often employers succeed in boosting employee morale. After all, the happier employees are, the more likely it is they’ll stay productive and loyal.

An article on the business.org website lists five creative ways to boost the morale of your workers:

1. Create a fun office environment.

Make fun an integral part of the job by planning activities and games during conferences, meetings, and training programs. This will make work events more enjoyable and help employees build camaraderie through teamwork. Implement programs such as department shows, company T-shirt design contests, or sports leagues to instill healthy competition among coworkers. Also, office parties for holidays and special occasions that occur off the clock will improve morale by making your work environment more enjoyable.

2. Give small rewards and personalized perks. 

Extra cash, like big holiday bonuses, can motivate workers; however, smaller, more thoughtful perks can often go a lot further in improving morale. For example, find out an employee’s favorite restaurant and treat him to lunch there. Give personalized gift cards to a local café, allow your workers to have flexible schedules, or give them the ability to work from home a day or two a week. According to an article from Verifirst, small perks, like casual dress days, catered lunches, and ordering pizza for late work nights, make a big difference in showing workers they are valued.

3. Show employees why their work matters.

Even employees who are passionate about their jobs can lose sight of the bigger picture if they can’t see how their work impacts the company. To help boost morale, introduce them to some of the clients their work impacts. This will show them the results of their projects and provide a valuable opportunity to receive feedback from the customer. Positive reinforcement from the customer can make employees feel more connected to their work by giving them a sense of pride and ownership. It also provides greater incentive to perform well, boosts confidence in their work, and increases overall job satisfaction.

4. Grant employees personal recognition.

Even at small businesses, employees may feel they are not getting the recognition they deserve. There are a few small but effective steps you can take that will go a long way toward counteracting this. Begin by learning the names of each employee. Take the time to say hello and ask how they’re doing. Tell your workers when they’re doing an outstanding job, thank them for their hard work, and profile a featured employee each month. You can also award small prizes for the best new ideas or give a shout-out to an employee at a staff meeting. This type of recognition instills a sense of confidence and satisfaction in your employees.

5. Entrust employees with important tasks.

Giving your workers responsibility boosts employees’ morale and increases production by making them feel more empowered. They want to know their ideas are being heard and that their opinions matter. Let them know that upper management is available and accessible, ready to listen, and involved in the daily tasks. Ask for their input. This will show your confidence in their abilities while also helping you find ways to improve their work.

Boosting morale is about showing appreciation for your workers. Happy employees are more productive, so it’s in the best interest of your small business to boost employee morale. You’ll have fewer costly turnovers and see increased customer and client satisfaction.

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