Matt Schwartz Earns Certification for Health Care Reform

Posted by Matt Schwartz on Wed, Mar 13, 2013 @ 08:03 AM

The largest pieces of health care reform are nearly upon us - less than 9 months away - we hear more and more from clients and other employers in Kentucky and Indiana that they need help navigating the inevitable changes.  I feel it is our responsibility to provide that guidance.


The National Association of Health Underwriters recently unveiled a comprehensive program developed by experts in both PPACA and employment law.  It is a high-level 10-hour course, designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of key technical components of PPACA.

The course presented an overview of all regulations already issued along with details on specific regulations issued to date. It confirmed what is needed to comply with the new law, as well as how the market is likely to change in the coming years.

Here's a basic course summary:

  • Implementing Healthcare Reform - Overview and Politics of PPACA
  • Grandfathered Plans and Small-Business Tax Credit
  • Medicare Part D & PPACA and Non-Discrimination Rules
  • Patient Protection under PPACA & Changes to Consumer-Directed Health Plans
  • Medical Loss Ratio Requirements and Tax Implications of PPACA
  • W-2 Reporting, Summary of Benefits & Coverage, Waiting Periods, Auto Enrollment, Essential Benefits & Modified Community Rating, Minimum Value Plans
  • Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, Individual Mandate, Pre-existing Conditions, Rating Reform
  • Health Insurance Exchanges for Individuals and Small Employers
  • Employer Pay or Play
  • PPACA and Self-Insured Plans

Following ten hours of coursework, a comprehensive final exam was completed to obtain the official PPACA certification from NAHU.  I can certainly attest that it was not for the feint of heart - there is a lot of information to digest!  But, this is exactly the type of training required to be prepared to counsel clients on upcoming required healthcare changes and new options and requirements for health plans.  It will help us develop client specific timelines and provide advice to guide clients in planning for the future.

TEAM UPDATE:  Carol Flispart has also earned the PPACA certification!  We are proud of her accomplishment and fortunate to have committed professionals serving our clients.

Through both our membership in NAHU and as a Partner Firm of United Benefit Advisors, we continue to receive frequent updates on health care reform - and share that information regularly - our clients should take comfort in knowing that we will help them navigate the changes and remain in compliance.  Contact us any time if you have specific questions on health care reform or any benefits-related issue.

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