Time-Saving Hacks for the Over-Worked Professional

Posted by Matt Schwartz on Tue, Oct 6, 2020 @ 09:10 AM


Like it or not, being a professional is a reactive business. As proactive as you try to be, the unexpected usually derails you. Which means the best pros are the ones who can react quickly and not let it wear them down. 

And you know what makes constantly having to react to things less stressful? Having time-saving tools in place to handle both the scheduled and unexpected stuff.

In a recent online article via Jellyvision, contributor Dawn Burke lists some time-saving techniques that could work for you:

1. Tweak your attitude about all the stuff on your plate.

Hard as it might be, getting in a better headspace can help you feel more motivated to get through the pile on your desk. So when someone asks you what you’ve working on, instead of saying “I’ve got to do this … and this … and this” say (or just think), “Hey, I GET to do this.” One attitude is passive, the other active. And the active one is better at keeping you focused.

2. Don’t be afraid to insource as well as outsource.

There’s no shame in outsourcing or hiring more help. Or better yet – insource. Find another person in your company from another department to provide some expertise, fresh perspective, or help. Insourcing saves some money as well.

3. Consider time-saving video pre-screening platforms.

If you want to reduce the time you spend on pre-screening, consider getting pre-screening software like HireVue, SparkHire, ClearCompany, and Jobvite. It can cut down on the time you spend both conducting phone and in-person screening and interviewing. 

4. Know when to back away from your computer and just go talk to a person.

Tech, even great tech, can’t and shouldn’t replace human interaction. Sometimes it’s just better to step away from Google and that long 500-word email you’re writing and just ask a person, in person, what they meant – or tell them what you think.

5. Use this great organizational plug-in off Google Chrome.

A recent Mental Floss article titled “The History Of The Trapper Keeper” said, “The way they combined all of one’s desktop tools … was an early incarnation of the smartphone.”

In that great, simple vein, Momentum is a Chrome plugin that might help you keep up, just like a Trapper Keeper. It provides one with a simple “to do” list, prevalent links, connects with Gmail and Google, shares the weather and time, but, most importantly, it can populate a browser homepage and prominently share the NUMBER ONE priority of the day.

6. Turn off email notifications.

Even though a big part of your job is reacting to things, and fast, you don’t want to be clicking away from your project every 45 seconds to read the latest email. Turn off all your email notifications and just check at a pace that makes sense to you. It’ll keep you on task and help you stay in the flow of things.

Hopefully by following these six suggestions, overworked pros will find themselves less stressed in 2019!

Topics: Worksite Wellness, Business Strategy