Increasing Benefits Value for Employees
Support for Effective Communication and Engagement

Employee Communications

When building a strategically motivated benefits program, one of the most fundamental considerations included is the development and execution of an effective benefit communication platform.

Providing employees with transparent, easy-to-access information about their benefits is essential to utilizing a comprehensive benefits package to meet your workforce and organizational goals.

At Schwartz Insurance Group, we work in tandem with your benefits team to develop a benefits communication plan guided by strategic thinking and practical planning. Our advisors focus on identifying improvements that can be made to your communications platform and helping you implement a robust set of communication solutions. The goal is not allowing anyone to fall through the cracks when it comes to understanding - and appreciating - their benefits package.


  • Tactical Enrollment Planning: simple, timely benefits messaging designed for your population to simplify changes which support your strategic direction.
  • The Employee Benefit Center: an online portal that keeps your employees informed and engaged regarding your benefits package.
  • "It's My Decision" Series: decision toolkits, custom materials and "plan evaluation" guidance to create value through understanding and comfort.
  • Consumerism Training: vignettes that explain the consumer's role in healthcare and highlights their opportunities to save money.
  • Total Compensation Statements: educates your employees about the value of their benefits and highlights their "hidden" paycheck.
  • Satisfaction Surveys: a web-based product that helps you collect meaningful information, analyze the results quickly and measure your progress over time.

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