Navigate ACA and Stay in Compliance
Compliance & Support for the New Regulatory Environment

UBA Partner Firm

Schwartz Insurance Group is a United Benefits Advisors (UBA) Partner Firm, affording us a unique ability to offer the nation's largest resource for PPACA and Regulatory Compliance

To stay ahead of compliance regulations in light of PPACA, decision-makers need timely updates, strategies and resources - let us partner with you to keep you ahead of the pack.

Our advisory team understands the legal complexities of regulatory compliance, allowing us to:

    • Conduct Comprehensive Compliance Assessments
    • Identify and Prioritize Areas of Concern
    • Recommend Risk-Based Methodologies
    • Implement and Monitor Automated Processes

... all with the intention of helping your organization's benefits plan remain compliant with federal and state regulation.


  • The HRInsider Web Portal: a web-based resource designed to help keep you informed and compliant.
  • The HR Elements Newsletter: a monthly newsletter highlighting the latest compliance and HR-related trends and topics.
  • The Compliance Alert Newsletter: keeps you informed about the changes in major healthcare law and potential violations.
  • PPACA Resources: timelines, guidance and tools to help you make the best decisions under the healthcare reform law.
  • Webinars: get first-hand knowledge of compliance and labor laws from some of the nation's leading legal experts.
  • Legal Resources: credible answers from a leading labor law firm in a practical and business-oriented approach.
  • Compliance Dashboard: easy-to-navigate web portal provides a wealth of timely information and tools to track progress on compliance tasks.  

To get a quick assessment of your current plan as well as actionable recommendations and insights from a Schwartz advisor, sign up for a free coverage review