Family Protection

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Louisville Life InsuranceWe know ... life insurance is not everyone's favorite topic. But, you must consider this critical tool in planning for your future. Life insurance fulfills your promises and obligations to family ... when you are no longer living. Benefits paid are income-tax free and can be used to cover funeral expenses, pay off debts, provide education funding, pay estate taxes or offset any other expenses your survivors may incur.

Life insurance can also be used to ensure that a family business will pass to your intended survivor. It can also help fund long-term care expenses. In fact, there are many potential benefits life insurance can provide during your lifetime. It's important to learn about the latest advancements. 

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Surgeon.jpgHealth care costs continue to rise. How will you pay the bills for a serious accident or a major illness? By choosing the right insurance, you protect yourself and your family. In today's ever-evolving marketplace, trusted advice and direction is critical because policies vary widely and navigating the latest options is confusing.

What do I need? Is there a network? What is excluded? Is my price guaranteed? Here's a quick overview of considerations for personal insurance protection. 

Disability Insurance

Statistics show that one in four 20-year-olds will be disabled before they reach 67 years of age. Everyone buys insurance to protect their home and vehicles. But, the most critical asset is your ability to work and earn a living. If disabled by injury or disease early in life, your lost wages would far exceed the value of your house or car. Everyone should invest in "income protection" insurance. Check for yourself:  "Do you need disability insurance?"

Long-Term Care

Long-term care has been defined as: "Medically necessary treatment of a chronic illness or debilitating injury on a long-term basis. Recovery is not often expected. Care is oriented to help a person function, not recover." Long-term care expenses are not covered by health plans, disability coverage or Medicare. Medicaid only applies after you exhaust all of your assets. Have you made provisions for long-term care protection? 

Medicare (Over 65)

Medicare Supplement and Part D (prescription drug) coverage is a critical component of your financial protection when you reach age 65. In fact, advances with new medications and ever-changing drug coverage from different insurance companies make an annual review of options absolutely critical. Do you have a trusted advisor? Without an expert guiding you, you may be overspending by thousands of dollars each year.

Medicare is our country's health care program for those over 65. (Medicaid is a social health care program for those with limited resources.) In short, Part A is paid automatically by your Social Security check and covers some inpatient, skilled nursing, lab and surgical expenses. Part B is optional at a monthly cost starting at $134 (higher at higher incomes) and covers some outpatient, physician and other medical expenses. It is critical that you review your "medicare supplement" and Part D (prescription drug) options every year. It is also nice to have a friend to call when a claim problem occurs. 

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