Meet Core Value Award Winner - Maureen Lippy - January 2024

Meet Core Value Award Winner - Maureen Lippy - January 2024

January 16, 2024

Every month, Schwartz Insurance Group selects a peer-nominated associate to receive a Core Value Award. The winners are chosen because they "lived" one of our agency's core values - typically an event or accomplishment above and beyond the call of duty in serving our customers. For January, Maureen Lippy has "lived" our core value of "Consider it Done."

Here’s her story:

It’s way after working hours. There’s a complicated coverage request – another time-sensitive and mission critical issue. Who do we trust to respond? The most experienced, dedicated and trustworthy person on our team, of course!

She simply does what must be done in the moment, without delay, without (major) complaint and without any drama. We count on her to keep our clients’ businesses protected and profiting.

This Client Services Director (and Business Key Advisor) is a golden example of how to live our core values in service. She always delivers what is needed when it’s needed. Maureen Lippy just shines – and our clients simply love being able to “Consider it Done!”

Here, in her own words, is a little more information about Maureen: 

You joined the team at Schwartz Insurance Group over 43 years ago. What's been the most rewarding part of your job here as Client Services Director/Business Key Advisor? The most challenging part?

As a Client Services Director, being a mentor to my fellow associates by coaching them through situations that they may not be experienced in and seeing their confidence grow as they learn how to navigate the complicated world of insurance is rewarding to me. The same holds true for being a Business Advisor. I enjoy working with my clients to help them understand the need for a particular coverage and explain that they can reduce their risk through risk management, which equates to lower premiums. It's all about the bottom line. As for challenges, every job has those, and I see them as opportunities. I work through each challenge and when it results in success, it's the best feeling in the world.  

If you could vacation anywhere in the world (money being no object), where would you like to go and why?

Tahiti, where the water is crystal clear, the sunsets are gorgeous, there are no phones or email, and I can be served from a silver platter while relaxing on a beach. Can't beat that! 

Rock and roll or country music? 

Rock and roll of course! I'm a child of the 70s.  

What might we be surprised to learn about you? Any hobbies or interests?

I was a backup singer in a rock and roll band, and we were selected by a local radio station to record an album. Also, gardening is my passion. It takes me away from everything else happening in the world.  

The book or the movie? 

I love a good read. 

If you could go back in time and give your 18-year-old self a bit of advice, what would it be?

Take time to stop and smell the roses! The years fly by way too fast. 

Cats or dogs?

Adore them both! 

Congratulations on your Core Value Award, Maureen - and thank you for doing such a terrific job for Schwartz Insurance Group. You are appreciated!