Top Ratings  |  Extraordinary Customer Experiences

Top Ratings  |  Extraordinary Customer Experiences

Responding to nationally-recognized Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, 87% of Schwartz Insurance Group clients scored us exceptional (9 or 10 on a 0-10 scale). Our 4.9/5 star rating on Google further validates a legacy of meaningful results and responsive service.  Read more about customers experiences!

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We are proud that so many clients say it is easy to do business with us!

"...we've been very happy with the service you have provided us. In recent years we've had teenage drivers added to our policy and many more investment properties. We've also had our personal umbrella, auto and home insured with you. Our agent, Jackie Cordle, has always been so very helpful any time we had a question or concern. We wanted to let you know what an asset she is to your office and what a wonderful working relationship we have with her."

- Mary H.

"We learned more from that first 30 minute enrollment meeting with you than we had from our former agent in four years. We really appreciate what you've done for us."

- Benefits Administrator, mid-sized service contractor

"We at AAA have worked very closely with Schwartz Insurance and we would like to thank them for their continued growth and partnership." Schwartz Insurance Group is honored to be "In The Spotlight" of AAA Insurance's Fall 2014 newsletter.

"We have several policies with Schwartz Insurance that have been in effect over 10 years. I would highly recommend Jackie Cordle as she has always been professional, helpful and friendly. She has assisted us in choosing appropriate coverage and is readily available to answer questions. Could we find a policy that cost less? Possibly. Is the difference worth it to have a professional like Jackie in your corner if the need arises? Absolutely."

- Sarah N.

"We have worked with Schwartz for over three years and are very impressed with the company's professionalism and the responsiveness of its people. The company helped us obtain quality insurance at reasonable prices and was there for us when we had to make a claim for damage to our property. Thank you, Schwartz Insurance Group!"

- Rick G.

"I have had insurance with Schwartz for a quite a while now. I have to say I've never before worked with such pleasant people. Jackie Cordle is my insurance agent and she is wonderful! If I have a question she is alway there to help. She has been so caring. Schwartz Insurance Group is great and I would refer them to anyone!"

- Bonnie F.

"Your detailed follow-through on the plans and elections meant that bills were correct from the start. My schedule is hectic and I cannot imagine having to worry about all those things on my own ... I am extremely appreciative of my Schwartz team."

- COO, mid-sized medical practice

"Your folks jump right in and handle everything... each has gone above and beyond to make my job easier. It is truly a pleasure to work with them."

- Owner, small print shop

"I have worked with this insurance group for several years now for car, house, and jewelry insurance. They are quick to respond to emails/phone calls and they answer all my questions honestly - and they have given me tons of helpful advice. I would recommend this group to any and all!"

- Kim H.

"You've helped us navigate transitions very smoothly - our employees understand their benefits and how to make good decisions for their families. My time is pretty limited and you have helped us follow through on what needs to be done, even if we get distracted. Thank you for your service. You deliver good results for us."

- Owner, multi-location truck engine repair

"We have been dealing with Schwartz for many years. Excellent service! They are always very prompt to address issues and concerns. There is always someone available to help. I would highly recommend Schwartz Insurance Group to anyone."

- Pat O.

"The relationship we have developed is truly comforting – you stay in touch and we feel confident in turning to you for help. Most importantly, you have given us solutions - we appreciate the strategies and alternatives you offer. In the first year, we likely saved over $400,000!"

- Director of Operations, mid-sized community hospital

"I would definitely recommend Schwartz Insurance Group... first class customer service and they've worked to get me great rates for years."

- Kelly M.

"You helped restructure our plans and contributions to allow our employees to have better choices. The staff appreciated the new approach AND we cut our monthly expenses. Your explanations and real-life scenarios of how to utilize HSA legislation was especially helpful. It is apparent you care about our wellbeing."

- Partner, small medical practice

"Ms. Abbott was professional and nice to work with. She handled all the needs of my small comic book store and exceeded our expectations. I will continue to use Schwartz in the future."

- Ron C.

"When I changed jobs, I certainly missed your service, especially the savings and innovative ways you used to battle rising costs. The shock of our recent renewal here allowed me a great opportunity to push harder to acquire your services again. Honestly, you helped everyone at this firm realize how complacency was costing us a lot of money!"

- CFO, multi-site employment service firm

"I've worked with Schwartz for 10+ years and they are awesome! You won't find better client service anywhere! I highly recommend them!"

- Tim M.

"Taking over as manager for this practice was quite an intimidating task. I have been very fortunate to have professionals like you to help with the transition. Employee benefits can be very confusing and time consuming. Thankfully, you made it easier for us to make an informed decision and your meetings with our employees made everyone feel good."

- Office Manager, mid-sized medical practice

"THANK YOU! Since we have been with your company, we have received the best service ever. You can and should be very proud of yourself and your staff. Simply put, you have made my job easier!"

- Personnel Director, mid-sized retail store

"I have worked with the Schwartz's for all of my professional life and have been more than satisfied by their impeccably honest and appropriate service."

- M.D., mid-sized medical practice

"I appreciate all your hard work on our behalf. Your help and advice made it possible to introduce savings to our small company for the first time in years. Your integrity is obvious and impressive."

- Director of HR, mid-sized association management firm

"Charlie, thanks so much for your quick and straightforward advice. You saved me a lot of time and headaches by helping me figure out what I needed to do!"

- Lee F.

"I am so impressed with your quick response, Monica, and the fact that you always ask for pertinent information. That tells me that you are trying to be very thorough and you really know what you're doing!

- Marvin M.

"I want to thank the team at Schwartz Insurance for a smooth and fruitful renewal season. We appreciate everything you do to help with our risk management program."

- John R.