Our Promise to You

Businesses and Professionals

"I have a business to run. Keep my expenses down. Simplify my responsibilities. Help me do this right to protect my assets and my people."

For busy professionals and business leaders, we promise to help you Be a PRO! What exactly does this mean for you?

  • Planning - a proactive approach to prioritizing objectives and setting a plan to achieve them
  • Results - helping you manage risk, control cost, ensure compliance, retain top talent and more
  • Outsourcing - tools, resources, timelines, accountability... it's what you want - when you want it

Schwartz Insurance Group is a proactive partner, focused on your success. It's our pleasure to serve... and it's easy to do business with us!

Individuals and Families

"I'm busy and insurance is complicated. Make sure my coverage is correct. Help me save money. Give me peace of mind and I will trust you."

For individuals and families, we promise to Keep Insurance Simple & Save! What exactly does this mean for you?

  • Simplicity - count on us to think ahead, handle the details and follow a trustworthy process
  • Guidance - enjoy the benefit of expertise, ensuring that coverage is correct and competitive
  • Advocacy - we always negotiate for you and care for you - we'll be there for you when it counts!

Schwartz Insurance Group helps you save money, understand your options and protect all that's important. It's how insurance should be handled!

Our Unique Process

Over the years, we've created a unique process designed to solve a specific set of problems. If these problems exist, our approach helps you regain control over costs and improve your insurance experience. It is the result of decades of service and evolving best practices.

Contact us to learn more about how our service model may benefit you. There's only opportunity!

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