Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to cultivate trusted relationships.

Since 1956, Schwartz Insurance Group has been building on a legacy, serving with expert advice and personal advocacy!

Success will come

Doing the right thing - and the right things - increases your chance of success and betters the experience.

Consider it done

If asked, we deliver - no excuses - we complete the task, knowing that a promise kept will cultivate trust.

Quick to smile

Go with a happy heart.  Be grateful when hard work brings you 'luck' or an 'opportunity' requires hard work.

Get the juices flowing

Be enthusiastic and creative.  It is both motivating and inspiring to 'roll up your sleeves' to make it happen.

There's only opportunity

In the seed of every challenge lies opportunity.  No matter where you are now, focus on what is possible.

Building on a legacy

'Doing the right thing' and 'taking care of people' honors both our founder's and our own core values.

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