Our Promise to You:
Keep Insurance Simple & Save!

Smart Cost Savings, Confident Peace of Mind, Personal Advocacy


"I'm busy and insurance is complicated. Make sure my coverage is correct. Help me save money. Give me piece of mind and I will trust you."

For individuals and families, we promise to Keep Insurance Simple & Save! What does this mean for you?

  • Simplicity - count on us to think ahead, handle the details and follow a trustworthy process
  • Guidance - enjoy the benefit of professional expertise, for proper, and competitive, coverage
  • Advocacy - we always negotiate for you and care for you - we'll be there for you when it counts

Since 1956, we have served clients with a mission to cultivate trusted relationships. Protecting your family and assets, and navigating ever-changing insurance markets, is not something to be taken lightly.  Selecting the right partner is a savvy decision that every individual or family must consider when seeking coverage.

Finding a trustworthy, competent advocate doesn't need to be a challenge. At Schwartz Insurance Group, the professional team you'll enjoy is dedicated to being a personal consultative partner. Our commitment to independence and advocacy stands as your greatest assurance that we work for you.