Meet Core Value Winner: Allison Jones - September 2016

September 23, 2016

Every month, Schwartz Insurance Group selects a peer-nominated associate to receive a Core Value Award. The winner is chosen because they "lived" one of our agency's core values - typically an event or accomplishment above and beyond the call of duty in serving our customers. This month, Allison Jones has "lived" our core value of "Get the Juices Flowing." Here's her story:

A famous race car driver said ‘Success is where Preparation and Opportunity meet.’  Did he know about the annual race we seem to run in benefits?

Year end is hectic at best, so saving time is always critical.  Using creative thinking to simplify the tasks that need to be done really helps tame the volume of activity. So, detailing every plan option we use in an easily accessible new spreadsheet drew quick praise for the golden one who prepared for the opportunity!

In under 6 months, Allison Jones is already having an impact.  She has lived Get the Juices Flowing!

Here, in her own words, is a little more information about Allison:

What’s your favorite thing about working for Schwartz Insurance Group? 

My coworkers, and knowing that I’m a part of a process that helps people get better health benefits and coverage.

Are you a Louisville native? If so, we’d like to know: UK or UofL?

Yes, I’ve lived in Louisville my whole life. My immediate family is all UofL alumni so there’s really only one team to cheer for.

What might others be surprised to learn about you?

I’m the treasurer and a board member of the Louisville Country Dancers, and I teach the beginner lesson once a month. I’ve been dancing weekly for 3 years, and I started about 8 years ago.

Do you have any hobbies or personal interests?

Other than dancing, I play in an active board game group, I like to sew and tailor clothes, I’ll read just about anything, and I occasionally attend Star Trek conventions.

Dogs or cats?

Hedgehogs. I like my pets pocket-sized.

The book or the movie?

With very few exceptions, the book is always better than the movie. And in most of those exceptions, the movie’s been so drastically altered that it’s not really a fair comparison.

What brings you true happiness?

Dancing with my friends to excellent music. Perfectly executed plot twists. Chocolate biscuits and Earl Grey during a snow storm. Roller coasters.

Congratulations, Allison, on your Core Value Award - and thank you for doing such a great job for Schwartz Insurance Group. You are appreciated!