Meet Core Value Winner: Paula Vasse - January 2018

Meet Core Value Winner: Paula Vasse - January 2018

January 11, 2018

Every month, Schwartz Insurance Group selects a peer-nominated associate to receive a Core Value Award. The winner is chosen because they "lived" one of our agency's core values - typically an event or accomplishment above and beyond the call of duty in serving our customers. This month, Paula Vasse has "lived" our core value of "Building on a Legacy." Here's her story:

Earning kudos from one of the top carriers in the nation for being “a determined, thorough, polished and smart insurance professional” is an honor.  It stands as a testament to an impressive career.

And that’s not all.  One of our own was also named by Med Pro as Relationship Manager of the Quarter for her exemplary abilities and “customers first” approach. Med Pro believes she is a key reason for their success in writing new business.

Paula Vasse made quite an impression on the team at Med Pro. And she makes everyone at Schwartz Insurance Group very proud. Congrats, Paula ... keep "Building on a Legacy!"

Here, in her own words, is a little more information about Paula: 

You've been a Schwartz Team Member for over twenty-four years now. Can you tell us what you find most rewarding about your position here as Business Key Advisor?

A happy client! A happy boss! A happy me! Helping insureds and prospects feel confident that they have selected coverage that will meet their needs, and also helping them resolve issues that need to be dealt with in a manner they can appreciate. Also, something that is even more important to me, over the years I have met some very nice people (some only by phone!), and many of them I feel are more to me now than just a client, or underwriter or agent...they are friends.

If you could go back in time and give your eighteen-year-old self a bit of advice, what would it be?

Be more adventurous!

Tell us about your family (including any pets in the Vasse household).

This year, I will be married forty-two years! We have three children who all live in Louisville, and each one has made me extremely proud. They have all chosen successful, responsible paths in their personal and professional lives, and they each have a great partner my husband and I were happy to welcome into our family. We have four grandchildren - Hadley, Jack, Sam and Griffin - and they are soooo cute! We also have two grand-dogs and two grand-cats. I am fortunate to have a sister and two brothers who have families (that continue to grow). They, along with my mom, all live in Louisville as well. We are able to share the holidays together - and at least forty relatives show up at every gathering, which makes it lots of fun with never a dull moment!

Do you have any hobbies or personal interests?

Years ago, I would have answered differently, but now I focus all of my attention on my family. 

If you could vacation anywhere in the world (money being no object), where would it be?

Switzerland, since that is where my father's parents are from. But also on my bucket list are Rome and Hawaii - and I'd also like to take a European river cruise. Guess I'd better get started! 

What's your favorite movie of all time?

"Sweet Home Alabama." But, really, just let me watch the Hallmark Channel and I'll be happy.

Congratulations on your Core Value Award, Paula - and thank you for doing such a great job for Schwartz Insurance Group. You are appreciated!