Meet Core Value Winner: Taylor Thirlwell - October 2017

Meet Core Value Winner: Taylor Thirlwell - October 2017

October 13, 2017

Every month, Schwartz Insurance Group selects a peer-nominated associate to receive a Core Value Award. The winner is chosen because they "lived" one of our agency's core values - typically an event or accomplishment above and beyond the call of duty in serving our customers. This month, Taylor Thirlwell has "lived" our core value of "There's Only Opportunity." Here's his story:

“I really need this ASAP!”  “Do you have a few minutes?” “It’s got to be done before 11 a.m.”  When you are essentially a service organization, those kinds of requests happen a lot.  You can need help at the very last minute.

In personal insurance, that means quotes, requotes and more requotes in order to offer our customers the best of what’s available from our many markets. SOMEONE has to crank out the work in an accurate, timely fashion!

And that someone is Taylor Thirlwell, who has had to learn a new management system, different carriers, processes and people.  But even so, he stays motivated and is always quick to help anyone who asks. Clearly, he believes "There’s Only Opportunity!"

Here, in his own words, is a little more information about Taylor:

Welcome to Team Schwartz, Taylor! What’s the most rewarding thing about being an Agency Admin Pro? What do you find the most challenging? 

The best part about being an Agency Admin Pro is the wide range of duties I am able to perform in order to facilitate various tasks. It never gets boring. The most challenging part so far has been learning the new computer system and some of the procedures, but I have great (and patient) coworkers who have shown me so much in a short amount of time. 

Are you a Louisville native? If so, we have to ask: U.K. or U. of L.? Or are you faithful to a non-Kentucky team?

Yes, I'm a Louisville native - and I am 100% behind the University of Louisville Cardinals!

If you could vacation anywhere in the world (money being no object), where would you visit and why?

I would like to see more of Europe. I went to France with my grandparents when I was younger, but I would like to visit more countries to experience their diverse cultures and, of course, eat some of the amazing food.

Dogs or cats?

I am more of a dog person than a cat person, but I like every kind of animal. 

What’s your favorite movie of all time?

My favorite movie would have to be either The Godfather or The Godfather Part 2. It's so hard to choose between these great films. 

Rock and roll or country music?

I prefer rock and roll - and just about anything else - to country music. 

Do you have any hobbies or personal interests?

Most of my time is spent following sports by either watching games or reading about what is happening.

Congratulations on your Core Value Award, Taylor - and thank you for doing such a great job for Schwartz Insurance Group. You are appreciated!