Wholesaler and Distributor Insurance

Wholesaler and distributor insurance helps cover your stock and business.

Secure your business and inventory with wholesaler and distributor insurance.

What is wholesaler and distributor insurance?

As a wholesaler or distributor, your business has heightened risks because of the amount of stock kept on-site. A wholesaler and distributor insurance policy helps protect you from the unique financial risks associated with this type of business.

In stock. In transit. At risk.

Wholesalers and distributors face some special risks by the nature of their business. Simply having large amounts of stock on the premises or in transit increases the financial risks of fire, flood, or theft. Commercial property insurance helps protect your inventory. However, you then have to factor in the costs and claims for compensation from the effects the damaged or lost stock has on your customers’ supply chains. And because you are the distribution part of the supply chain, you need coverage if something goes wrong with the products you are storing and transporting. With product recall and product liability insurance, your business may have coverage should there be a recall or liability claim against you for a product you distributed. In addition, there is also the risk of transporting products from point A to point B, so having cargo and transit insurance may help protect products that you purchase or sell while on the move.

Three areas of insurance coverage in one policy.

Specialty insurance policies for wholesalers and distributors are usually highly customizable to your particular needs, including having appropriate coverage limits to reflect the high value of a full warehouse of stock. Usually, you’ll have three basic components: commercial property insurance to help cover the stock itself; protection against loss of income if your facility is put out of action with business income insurance; and general liability insurance to help cover claims for injury or property damage visitors suffer while on your premises or your delivery staff cause elsewhere. Here are some businesses that may benefit from a wholesaler and distributor insurance policy:

  • Auto Wholesalers
  • Clothing Wholesalers
  • Computer Wholesalers
  • Construction Material Wholesalers
  • Electronic Wholesalers
  • Food Wholesalers
  • Furniture Wholesalers
  • Medical Equipment Wholesalers

Additional coverages options are available.

You’ll also usually have the option to add additional types of coverage such as protection against a data breach, human resources and employee claims, loss of power or communication at your facility, or damage to equipment that you have leased. This includes coverages such as cyber liability, employment practice liability, business interruption, and systems breakdown insurance. The needs of your particular business may vary, but these general business insurance solutions may benefit you. Are you interested in wholesaler and distributor insurance to help safeguard your stock and your business? Contact us to go over your coverage options and the needs of your business

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